Anita Inverarity

The Fairy Tail Oracle

I am delighted to announce a new oracle deck I have been illustrating for Scott Alexander King at

Animal Dreaming Publishing. The Faery Tail Oracle delves deep into the hidden messages and lessons in our most loved childhood tales.

As you can see from the spelling there is a twist in the tale with the human characters taking on animal characteristics.

We are delighted to have this deck on early pre order now (2023 release date) Your support is hugely appreciated.

Click here to read more about the deck.

Box Cover Image 2

I am now releasing original artworks from The Faery Tail Oracle. You can see them first on the “Starling Grove” Face Book Group on Fridays around 8pm GMT and then they will be listed on my website during the week too in original or print form.

Click here to visit the Fairytales, Folklore and Fables section to see new releases and if you have a favourite tale you want to see please ask, chances are it might be included. 

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