Anita Inverarity

St Melangell


St Melangell was the daughter of an Irish King who settled in Wales to live a hermitic and spiritual life in the 7th Century. One day she saved a Hare from the local hunt led by the Prince of Powys by hiding it in her cloak.

Inspired by her compassion and extraordinary bravery when faced down by his dogs the prince gifted her with land to build a sanctuary and abbey where they first met.

St Melangell lived a long life as the leader of a small congregation of devotees. The Church of Melangell and her shrine can be visited to this day in Powys, Wales and she endures as the patron saint of hares.

Her feast day is celebrated on 27 May. (This ode to the welsh saint will be included in my book project Four Kingdoms).

Signed limited Edition. Archival Giclée Reproduction. Size 8 x 10 inches, mounted and backed to 13 x 16 inches. Limited to 50 editions only.
Open Signed Giclée Print. Size 5 inches across. Mounted and Backed

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