Anita Inverarity


Anita Inverarity will always have a wide range of works available to view including originals, signed limited edition prints from her extensive portfolio, open edition prints and a collection of different merchandise from Oracle Decks to Greetings Cards.

Below are some of Anita’s collections – please click the images to be taken to the store.

Curiouser and Curiouser - small

Alice in Wonderland

A collection of works inspired by the 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll. Features all your favourite characters from the famous fairy-tale.

Dance With The Hunted

Album Covers & Commisions

This section contains various commission examples including collaborations with musicians and writers as well as more personal pieces for the client. Prints are usually super limited or small format.



Whimsical drawings of local animal visitors. Includes the Charmed Wildlife Collection, featured at Country Frames Gallery and section dedicated to cats!



A favourite subject matter. My bejewelled birds inhabit beautiful gardens with an art nouveau twist.

Tequila Sunrise


Also known as "Neetz", my characters are sweet little pieces with rich personality. They can be found at very accessible prices due to the more minimalistic backgrounds.

Heathcliff and Cathy

Fan Art

Here you will find art tributes from Movies, Music, Pop Culture and Literature.

Piccola Mela Rossa

Fairytales, Fables & Folklore

In this section you will find Classic Fairy Tales from around the world including Folk Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Superstitions, Sayings and Fables.


Holiday Shop

Welcome to my celebration seasonal shop where you find all things Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day etc. all year round.



These artworks are part of an ongoing mini series inspired by the works of Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt.

Chan Chu - Ace of Charms - small

Maidens & Mythology

A great deal of my artwork is inspired by mythology and magical maidens.



Artworks drawn in my monochrome style.

Clara's Companions (Crovie)

Quirky Quines

A whimsical and naïve series of drawings featuring Scottish lassies (quines) having all manner of adventures. The subject of my first featured show in Edinburgh.



Several zodiac inspired works including Sun Sign Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac and Birthstones.


Universal Folk Oracle

Art from my debut oracle deck published by US Games.

Cups - 03 of Cups - Celebrate - small

Universal Folk Tarot

My tarot deck will be published by US Games. Look out for new art releases from this deck regularly.

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